Top Basic Onsite SEO Tips

Often those concentrating on SEO spend far too much time on building backlinks and even optimizing for keywords but do virtually no other onsite SEO. If this sounds like you then you need to read the following top basic onsite SEO tips.
Title tags

The page title of your document in your HTML which is indicated by the 'title' tag, should contain the main keywords that your page is targeting in search engine results (you should also try to keep this under 10 words).

Keep keywords in the body

Be sure to always take care to keep the most important keywords of your webpage in the body text, indicated in your HTML by the text between the 'body' and '/body' tags .

Keyword relationship

Search engines are getting smarter with every change to their algorithms, be sure to include words related to your main keywords as these will affect your search engine ranking and therefore these should also be incorporated in your web page's body.

External or outbound links

External links are simply links to web pages outside the site. The relevance of the links, or the relationship between the web page you are linking to and your own content, can both positively and negatively affect your search engine ranking. It is, therefore, very important to not only keep external links to relevant sites but also make sure they are quality and trusted sites by Google.

Internal or local links

Internal links are links to other web pages within your own website. The web pages with the majority of internal links pointing to them are considered the most important. Make sure the main pages from the homepage and / or sitemap are linked to often.

Unique content
The content or text of a webpage within the 'body' and '/body' tags should always be unique. Copies of existing web pages are automatically assigned a lower search engine ranking or are in some cases not included in the rankings at all.

Conjugations and plurals

Search engines recognize plurals and conjugations as words belonging to the same theme. The query 'computer books' also provides Google results for synonyms or related words. Thus, the search results for the query 'computer books ', will yield results such as ' computer ',' computers', 'book' and 'books'. You should keep this in mind and choose your keywords accordingly.

Headings or headers

Words in a web page's header or headings are to be considered more important than words in a paragraph within the web page's body. A header or heading may be indicated by the use of Head tags (such as 'h1' ).

Hopefully you can apply these basic onsite SEO tips to make your website appear friendlier to search engines so that you may rank higher in search engine results pages.